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[IP] Meters

Have any of you tried the new FreeStyle meter?  The ad in
June Diabetes Forecast said that it requires a sample size
of only "0.3 microliters".  Looks pretty slick.  Haven't
checked the website yet, but their address is

I agree that the FastTake is super!  I have an Accucheck
Advantage at work and an Accucheck Complete at home, but I
like the FastTake the best (readings, at least for me, on
all three are pretty close to each other and to lab
readings, usually within 5 mg/dl).

I also have an InCharge meter, but have found that it's
often up to 50% lower than my lab bg's.  For the
fructosamine/glucoprotein (weekly) test, I've found also
seems to lack accuracy.  It will give me poor readings when
my HbA1c is 6.3% and my 6+ daily readings on the FastTake
are in target ranges.  [I have spoken to LXN customer
service and was told that this was pretty normal and that I
shouldn't get concerned - it was more important to use a
single meter than to worry about how wide the readings were
between meters and the lab - they did send me a replacement
meter, replacement test solutions and a bunch of strips -
just in case my supplies were bad].  Have any others had
problems with InCharge meters?

Tom Wellman
email @ redacted

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