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[IP] Re:new sites

Sherry wrote:

>>>>Ok, just thought I would let people know that all this talk about other
sites has me trying them.  Still trying to get up the courage to do a breast

- -- Sherry<<<<<

I have been using the breast site since Feburary, I think, and for me thaht
is where I get the best absorption.  As with all things YMMV.  I usually do
it when I'm at a point in the month where there are not sore or I can see a
lot of veinage (is that a word?).  I use tenders sticking them in towards
the nipple.  Don't cringe, I'm no where near that, I'm just giving a
refernce point.  Along with good absorption I can go about 5 days with those
sites but I usually change at about 4.  Once I totally lost track of when I
last changed and went 8 days with no problems and could have kept going but
I didn't want to risk it.

It is scarey at first but you gotta just decide to do it and then DO IT!


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