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[IP] Carbo diet?/menstration thing

Hi  Everyone,
Well I read the Carbohyrdate Addicts Diet and spoke to my pump
trainer/nutrionist and have decided to not try it.  Some of the information
does not fit me.  The theory is that we make too much insulin and since I
don't make insulin at all. . .  I thought I would try it but have decided
not to.  I am going to make an appointment with my pump trainer/nutrionist
and see if we can come up with a low carb diet that I can do and live with.
Another thing that I wanted to mention was that I was able to return the
books to Walden's book store like the manager had said that I could do and
there were no questions asked.  They gave me a credit which is fine with me.
The total of these books was about 30.00 so I was glad to return them.

I was also reading the thread about during menstration and thought I would
let you know what I do.  Two weeks before my period even starts my bg goes
up so I raise my basal rates(all of them) .1 and so far it seems to have
worked out pretty well.  Then the day I get my period or the day after I go
back to my regular rates.  We are still fine tuning this but so far it works
pretty well.  But as the saying goes YMMV!

Thanks to all those whose replied about the carbo diet.

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