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Re: [IP] lunch schmunch

 ><< Mark wrote:
 > >  Why do I get the feeling so many folks survive on dex tabs...
 > >  the key to my success for 25 years is always packing lunch
 > >  each day I pack turkey breast sandwiches, OJ, water, diet
 > >  soda and 2 pieces of fruit and of course my BG tester.
 > >  Rarely ever do I need to depend on any glucose tabs.  Eat properly and
 > >  on time.  Simple as it is!

Unfortunately it is not always that simple for everyone. Some of us (like 
me) are quite "brittle". I can do and eat exactly the same things on two 
days and have totally different results. Unexpected crashes are the name of 
the game on some days... unexpected highs are the norm on other days. 
<sigh> With the pump these variations are less than before and my BG swings 
are much smaller than before, but there is no way I can reliably predict 
what a given bolus is going to do with the carbs I eat.

People are not machines and I find that there are just too many variables 
for many of us to predict anything with total accuracy. Most of us got the 
pump so that we would not have to be on a rigid schedule. Although for me 
it works a lot of the time, there are just a lot of times when the roof 
falls in without warning... that's when the glucose-tab patrol shows up.

The bottom line is that you are very fortunate that you can maintain such 
reliable control. I wish I could and I'm sure I have a lot of company.


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