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Re: [IP] lunch schmunch

In a message dated 6/12/00 4:49:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Mark wrote:
 >  Why do I get the feeling so many folks survive on dex tabs...
 >  the key to my success for 25 years is always packing lunch
 >  each day I pack turkey breast sandwiches, OJ, water, diet 
 >  soda and 2 pieces of fruit and of course my BG tester. 
 >  Rarely ever do I need to depend on any glucose tabs.  Eat properly and
 >  on time.  Simple as it is!  
 Yes, great for YOU, and having met you, I know you do pretty damn well on 
 your schedule, but I personally don't live a SIMPLE life and would DIE if I 
 tried to.  Mine is very complicated and has exciting twists and violent, 
 unexpected turns almost every day.  Not meant to sound rude, but who are 
 or anyone else, including amedical professional, for that matter, to tell me 
 what is "proper" and "timely" eating?  I work in the entertainment industry. 
 I sleep alot later than MOST people,,,and I eat dinner after many people 
 gone to bed (hence the 11pm chat???).   >>
Sara I might be wrong, but I think Mark may be talking about what he eats not 
when. I am one of the (just pre-baby boomers) and my wife of 33 years made me 
lunch in a brown bag. It was always better for me to eat that than go out to 
eat with people and high carb or fat lunch. At any rate slow down Sara you 
make my head spin.Roger C dx47 pm 5/00
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