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[IP] lunch schmunch

Mark wrote:
>  Why do I get the feeling so many folks survive on dex tabs...
>  the key to my success for 25 years is always packing lunch
>  each day I pack turkey breast sandwiches, OJ, water, diet 
>  soda and 2 pieces of fruit and of course my BG tester. 
>  Rarely ever do I need to depend on any glucose tabs.  Eat properly and
>  on time.  Simple as it is!  

Yes, great for YOU, and having met you, I know you do pretty damn well on 
your schedule, but I personally don't live a SIMPLE life and would DIE if I 
tried to.  Mine is very complicated and has exciting twists and violent, 
unexpected turns almost every day.  Not meant to sound rude, but who are you, 
or anyone else, including amedical professional, for that matter, to tell me 
what is "proper" and "timely" eating?  I work in the entertainment industry.  
I sleep alot later than MOST people,,,and I eat dinner after many people have 
gone to bed (hence the 11pm chat???).  

I hated having to eat at a regular time when I was on MDI.  I hated being 
limited to the X number of exchanges provided by my X amount of insulin every 
day.  I can not predict if I will or will not be hungry at 1:00 OR if I will 
have the TIME to do it.  My industry is LIKE that.  I refuse to be a slave to 
diabetes as well as a slave to my job!  

The point of pumping, at least for ME, and of course YMMV, is that you 
shouldn't NEED to eat lunch at all...your basals should be set that you don't 
NEED a snack at bed time or 10:30am, and if you have to skip lunch due to a 
rainstorm, or you forgot it, or the newsletter deadline changed from Friday 
to TODAY, then no problem.  What if i pack a lunch and someone calls and 
wants to go for a calzone?  What if I plan for a calzone and don't bring a 
lunch and thn can't leave the office due to a crisis...i need, and adore, the 
flexability of the pump.  If for SOME strange reason I "happen" to go low, 
then I need to have those dex tabs in my drawer!  

I, and most of the defectives I know, do NOT substitute dex tabs for meals, 
groddy to the max!!!  We use them for those variations and twists we put in 
our life that we can not predict...some people's bg  drop when they go on 
roller coaster rides...some people it goes up.  I am not gonna carry fruit 
and a turkey sandwich to disneyland cuz i PLAN on eating park junk and if i 
over bolus, then I will treat with more junk unless I am in line for Space 
Mountain and can't get to the sweet shoppe...and you KNOW I don't play that 
silly game of cutting to the front by using my "disability...."

you know I love ya mark, but I think you still have that MDI hangover, when 
you HAD to be very rigid and strict about timing and quantites - and that is 
OK, if that works for you, as it very obviously does, but don't make a broad 
sweeping generalization about the rest of us and how we choose to use the 
pump, ok?  

Sara (bg 124)
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