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[IP] Trying new sites...

Ok, all this talk this past week about Sara Swiftie Pants and Amy using
their legs for sites made me go ahead and try one.  I have been using
primarily my stomach, a large surface area of it, for sites.  I use sils for
my sets.  So far I had tried my hips twice and my butt twice unsuccessfully
with the sils.  So I thought lets give the leg a try. :)

Well for 24hours it was great, after laughing at the Sara Swiftie Pants
comment about how easy it is to rip a set out while using the toilet I was
really careful not to do that.  That is until the next morning when I rolled
out of bed and halfway into the shower when I realized I had half pulled the
set off.  I hadn't pulled the canulla out so I added some IV3000 and left
for work after my shower.  Then the next morning I finished the job when I
got up, i.e. pulled it all the way off.  So 48hours...I guess the good news
is the set didn't go bad it was clumsiness of me. :)  

So feeling adventurous I put a MicroSoftSet in my bum and am going on 30
hours now.  This set I haven't pulled out yet and it seems to be going well.
For some reason I couldn't get the right angle with the sil in this spot and
had some absorption problems.  I have been quite happy it is going well and
my husband was kidding me that it is interesting that I am acting like I
have something up my a** and am still happy. :) Ha ha ha...

Ok, just thought I would let people know that all this talk about other
sites has me trying them.  Still trying to get up the courage to do a breast

-- Sherry
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