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[IP] first problem with Disetronic

Well, back online now that some MORE computer problems are fixed, and now
I'm going to share my Disetronic problem with you!  (By the way, Gateway, if
you have a Gateway computer, has AWESOME tech support.  Without them I would
have thrown the computer around the room in an effort to 'jiggle' it into
working again! lol).

I called Disetronic over two weeks ago, and spoke to a rep to order my first
set of supplies.  I told him I needed two boxes of sets, batteries, IV
preps, yadda yadda yadda, and he said no problem, I'll have to get insurance
authorization but then they'll get sent out to you within a week at the
latest.  I said no problem to that.  I waited, and waited, and waited -
after a week went by I said to myself, 'Well, he had to get authorization
from BC/BS, so maybe it's just taking a little bit longer.'  (I know, I
know, I should have called at this point. Lesson learned). Another week went
by and I started to worry that maybe BC/BS wasn't going to authorize them
for some reason, so I called Disetronic back and asked what status my order
was in.  'What order?' I got from the other end.  Pardon me?  WHAT ORDER?
'Um, the order I placed two weeks ago with so and so....'   I wasn't in
danger of being low on supplies, I had been told by various fellow pumpers
to order when I had about a months supply left, so I still had plenty of
things to use.

Anyway, the rep I got this time looked in her computer in four different
places and found that no order had been placed for me at all.  She didn't
say what the problem was, I imagine someone was just being lazy with their
job, or it was perhaps someone who had 'short timers' syndrome, but I was
not very pleased.  What if I had been low on supplies and the order hadn't
been placed?  That would sure leave a lot of folks up s%@* creek without a
paddle, if ya know what I mean.  Anyway,  I know it was placed this time, it
should be arriving today (I re-ordered on Thursday).  I just wanted to let
new pumpers know that they should order when they have enough supplies to
last them for a while yet, and to be sure to call if they haven't received
their order in an appropriate time frame.  You never know what may have
Dawn email @ redacted

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