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Re: [IP] Re: carry along kit [IP] Re: carry along kit

First off.. if this is a repeat post I applogize.  My browser quit on me as I was sending a previous version of the same one.

Marc... regarding carrying a whole meal (or so much stuff that it may as well be a meal) with you because that is when you tend to go low...I'd have to say that although that may work for you (and if there are other reasons why this does... then you know.. YMMV) most of us like our pumps because we are no longer tied to the clock regarding a regular meal time.  With the pump we don't have long acting insulin that peaks at meal time.  A properly set basal rate means that (other than unforseen circumstances) your sugars shouldn't spike or drop unless you have a)over bolused for a meal or a high bs b) your hormones are doin' a number on you c)you did some physical activity that lowered your bs more than expected or d) its one of those days.  That being said... you shouldn't be having lows because you are eating late.  If you are, I'd have to guess that your basals aren't set prorperly and you are inadvertantly covering some of you meals with your basal rate.  To be sure that your!
 basals ARE set right you'd have to do a basal test.  Once that is set, you can then move on to testing your carb:insulin ratio.  Since I know that you and I have not yet tested our basals - whattaya say we promise each other to do it in the next two weeks and we'll help each other through our first real basal test?  I also just wanted to say that many of us  like the dex tabs because they are a very small set amount of fast acting sugar.  generally when I go low since on the pump its not as severe and only requires a little sugar.  I've learned to treat moderately and to be patient.  The tabs help me do that.  I haven't had any rebound highs since using this method.  I'd give it a try next time your low.  No need to eat a meal if you aren't hungry.

IDDM 24 y
25 yo
pumping 3 months
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