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hbA1c conversion to mg/dl, was Re: [IP] Bummed...A1C

>>Anyway, my A1C was 5.96 and her note said "Control OK".

>Heh, My last A1C was 6.1 and my CDE was saying it was a bit low.

For comparison, 6% corresponds to average instantaneous BG levels of 120
5% is average of 90 mg/dl.  Normal BG of non diabetics is 70-120 mg/dl.  The
BG change is +/- 30  mg/dl per each 1% hbA1c.

In my experience, the average, fluctuating, non intensively controlled type
1 diabetic would have hbA1c of at least 9%, or average of 210+ mg/dl.

Prepump, I would have hbA1c of 6%, but in accomplishing that, I would also
have endured unconscious, spasmodic seizure-type hypoglycemias twice a

Richard, now unhypoglycemic, whose D is happily pumping in Austin, Texas.

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