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[IP] redesigned lifescan case by sara

ok SSP

I'mmagonna call them guyz and tell 'em you sent me.

that old "one touch" case is just unbelievably crummy!  geneva tests while
walking to school sometimes. (literally WHILE she is walking)   it's bad
enough that she  (like the other sara)  carries a nuclear fallout supply of
lipgloss,  sparkle garbage for her cheeks/eyes,  about a pound of
lifesavers,  another 3 lbs. of smarties and of course a 4 pack of juicy
juice.  this in addition to her datebook  (easily another pound), her CD of
britney or christina whatsherface,   to say the least of the more important
items like TEXT BOOKS!  so, for her to yank that "one touch" sucker out of
her crammed bookbag and try to open it with her 100 lb bookbag slung over
one shoulder....WITHOUT the poker and strips flying out is right near

so....sara....will do.  I will be letting those folks know at LIFESCAN just
exactly how I feel.

mom to geneva, 11 going on 26....
who lately has been seen about our house  with  5 lbs of blue eyeshadow on
upper and lower lids...thinking it attractive.

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