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[IP] Re: glucose monitors

In response to the discussion about glucometers:
I have loved the FastTake for a while, with two caveats. First: it is
possible to underload blood, giving inaccurately low readings; Second: it is
very sensitive to environmental conditions, refusing to work until warmed up
or cooled off - so I can only use it in moderate weather, or when I am
indoors. Needless to say, this is a significant disqualifier since I enjoy
outdoor activities and consider the pump and glucose monitioring key
elements towards permitting me to normalize my lifestyle.

I have returned to using the Glucometer Elite. It has many of the qualities
I like in the FastTake - small size, extensive memory,
software-compatability, and relative speed (30-seconds, rather than the
FastTake's 15-seconds) - with greater tolerance for more extreme wether


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