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Re: [IP] Re:The best glucometer

>Recently I was vacationing in Branson, Mo. and left one of my Dex meters in
>the van in some pretty intense heat.  Later when I turned it on in the window
>it said
>"Hi F" which I took to mean of course Hi temp. I thought this was pretty neat
>and a way to consider using the meter/disc for future readings.  I have used
>it and the reading were fine.  I just thought this was a neat "warning."
>Never saw it on any of the other meters I have had.  Has anyone else gotten
>this message? Just curious........Jackie P


Yes.  We, too, have had that same display when Noah's Dex meter was 
left in the car on a hot day.  Noah loves his Dex, mostly because it 
requires a much smaller drop of blood than what he was using before - 
the One Touch Basic.  Plus, he thinks its design is high tech!

We are going to look into the new meter which is supposed to be 
available to the public by this month's end, the FreeStyle 
(TheraSense).  Of all meters, the FreeStyle requires the smallest 
drop of blood and can be used on the forearms in addition to the 
finger tips.

Does anyone have any info to share on the FreeStyle?  Another meter 
we're checking into is the AtLast (Amira Medical).  Are any of you 
using it and, if so, how do you like it?

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx 06/96, pumper since 07/99

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