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[IP] redesigned lifescan case by sara

Ruth wrote
>  despite all of my b///////ing about the fast take..
>  I was flabberghasted to see that they have indeed followed , 
> I am sure.YOUR advice on designs. all tools have 

I started using the profile in Feb of 1997 when i got my new pump and within 
3 months had ripped those plastic things out...meter, pokie and strips would 
fly out everytime i opened it cuz you KNOW I don't go to a reserved clean 
spot to lay out all my materials and make a production out of it...I called 
one to ask a question about something or another and when they asked if there 
was anything else, I told them about the case...so they said they would send 
me a new one...great...they did....4 months later...I called them 
again...they sent a new case....3 months later, I called and said I had lost 
my pokie due to the crap design of their case.  They said they would send me 
a new pokie and then I suggested some of the changes that I, NOT an engineer, 
would MAKE in the design...if I had the power...they sent me a pokie and a 
replacement crap case.  

So about 2 months ago I called for another one and to ask what I was supposed 
to do with the 15 million life points I had accummulated....nothing...but 
they WOULD send me a NEW profile AND a case for the one I had and ANOTHER 
case, just in the event the new one in the box didn't come with one.  I said 
don't worry about the extra one...i will just call you in 3 months and get a 
new one and he told me it had been redesigned...so i had him send it...he 
did, and the new meter had a case as well, so i have an extra that is still 
up for grabs (the case, not the meter - sorry)

>   do you think we could get a new one

HECK YEAH!!!  call em and tell em you love your profile pokie but you LOST it 
cuz the case sucks so bad...or send me your address and i will send it to 

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