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[IP] Pump bumps

I thought I was Crazy, I got a lot of those pump bumps on the Micro sets but
switching to sils I almost never get any. Mixing Velosulin & Humulog 1:4 the
sils can last about 4 days. The time spectrum seems the same as Humulog
alone. I am afraid to go more than 4 days since DKA is worse than anything I
know of. Figured I am using about 0.74 units/hr/kg. I'm certain my sites
would not last as long if my basal rate was higher. I too add extra tape to
the cannula end of the sil to prevent it from "dancing around" also a strip
under the disconnect. of cut down IV3000. I do not recommend this to anyone
without approval from their own endo. My CDE and endo never heard of mixin
but said to try it and let them know. Always keep in mind a site can look
great but not work well. getting DKA is more costly than a set change and a
site infection is bad news. AB

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