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Re: [IP] General D question: treating lows

"Sara M. G." wrote:
> I've been looking around for easy to cary liquid
> sources of simple sugars with long shelf lives.

I am allergic to dextrose so sweettarts, which I used when I was
ignoring the dextrose allergy, are out for me.  The baby juices have
12-18 grams of carbs but don't taste as good as most juices and 12 gms
of carbs will raise me 60.  Since I treat any bg under 100 with just
enough carbs to get back into target (100-130), I often need just a few
carbs.  I carry sugar cubes (3 gms of carb) and/or party mints (1.1 gms
of carb) in my purse.  Not only are they easy to just get enough carbs,
I can also eat either pretty discretely if I don't want it to be obvious
I am eating (like in church last Sunday).

When I was 80 before mowing the lawn today, I ate a heath bar since
experience has shown it works very nicely for lawn mowing <g>.

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