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[IP] best glucometer

Was concerned about how a monitor I was using compared to the lab (mine 
reading  18% higher). Someone suggested I call the company. They replaced 
mine and tested it. Seems the problem with mine reading high I  THINK now had 
to do with something I was doing (in this case eating glucotabs while waiting 
for the test. I am a little sLOW sometimes). The company said because the 
meters tested O.K. it might have been the strips and sent me info. about 
storing,  control solution, etc.

The company said they want returned and test any machine that is 15% or more 
off. Someone can correct me, but I'm pretty sure that was the %. 

I'm now using an Accucheck Complete that received with new pump. I like it so 
far. I've heard a lot of people getting several meters and checking against 
them to see how consistent their readings are. Complete compared well against 
a free Fasttake and Profile I just received. Dropped my meter and was able to 
check and see if it was O.K. Don't know which one I'll go with yet, but the 
Complete seems easy to use and stores a lot of readings. It is a monster 
meter, though. Not small at all.

Beth H. Pumping w/ MMed since Feb. 2000
Mom to Freddie / Wife to Fred
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