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Re: [IP] newbie site questions

Michael wrote:

<<The site should not itch. If there is not an infection, then you
probably have some kind of allergic reaction to adhesive (most
likely) used in the tape or set stickum or a reaction to the set or
insulin (much less likely). You should investigat this further and
eliminate the problem BEFORE you become really sensitized to the allergen.>>

I've only had one site itch, and it was when I tried an upper right abdomen
(above the waist) site.  I am short-waisted so I don't have a lot of room
between my waist and breast.  A Disetronic trainer told me to try putting
the upper sites closer to the middle rather than off to the side.  What we
decided was that it was the location which was constantly moving when I bent
over, etc. that was causing the irritation.  I've never had any problems
with any other sites (knock on wood).

RoseLea and Max... living life to the max!

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