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Re: [IP] mama mia and simple packing

> I think that if you have a little kit like 
> those who mentioned...the dop kit / luggage 
> bags etc... at EACH PLACE of importance  
> (school, work, car)  that one would be 
> reasonably prepared.  
Oh absolutely... On a *logical* level I agree with both 
of you that I go overboard... but I'm an obsessive 
person.  And as I mentioned to Sara SP, that's just the 
habbit I've built up over my lifetime.  It's not just D 
supplies I lug around with me... I could outfit a small 
platoon of marines with the schtuff I haul around with 
me on a regular basis.

Of course... this has worked to my detriment on 
occasion... such as packing three bags for an overnight 
stay at my mothers and getting trapped for a 
week 'cause "Well you've got enough to last you, why 
don't you help me with such and such and talk to your 
brother he's doing this and that, and could you help 
your poor grandmother with x?"  Another disadvantage 
with having been unemployed at the time, but that's 
another story for another audience.

As always boys and girls... YMMV... The key is what 
works for the one who's gotta do it.

-Sara G.

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