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[IP] mama mia and simple packing

> >  I'm the type who likes to be prepared for the apocylpse
> >  *) OneTouch Profile meter, vial of strips, lancing device
> > with three extra lancets, dozen alcohol preps.
> >  *) NovoPen 1.5 and three pen tips
> >  *) OneTouch II meter with a vial of strips, unopened
> >  vials of NPH, and Regular, unopened cartridge of Humalog,

and a partridge in a pear tree.

I agree with smarty pants sara.

I don't even pack the stupid glucagon  .....cake icing will do it.  or those
glucose gel squishy things.

but you know the saying....YMMV  ...don't wanna get lambasted here.

I think that if you have a little kit like those who mentioned...the dop kit
/ luggage bags etc... at EACH PLACE of importance  (school, work, car)  that
one would be reasonably prepared.  after all...we are only a phone call away
from loved ones/friends to get the necessities.

oh god...I know it's coming.

mea culpa


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