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[IP] Re: Bummed...A1C

Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted>  (how many is that?),

>>yesterday for my most recent lab test, along with her comments.  Anyway,
>>A1C was 5.96 and her note said "Control OK".  I swear this is really
>>bothering me.

Sort of lacking in bedside manner, prolly.  She needs to know how you

>>I know I am probably being over sensitive, but gee's I think
>>my A1C is great.

Anything below 6.9% and Dr. Thomas Blevins mails me a handwritten note in
his bold, round script that, "Mr. Aleksander, your overall diabetes control
is excellent."  Years ago, when I was indigent, he arranged to place me in
clinical diabetes studies so I could receive free testing, and free Endo and
ophthalmologist visits.  Guess what?  I love him.

Previously, I deserted an Endo who offended me about something unrelated to
my diabetes.  If I hadn't quit him I wouldn't have looked for, asked about
and met my doc.

>Heh, My last A1C was 6.1 and my CDE was saying it was a bit low.
>Go figure

Different labs have different ranges for normal.  If you haven't been
uncontrollably hypoglycemic, I wouldn't worry.  If your CDE isn't a pumper,
I wouldn't give her opinion much importance either.

My A1C has scored as low as 4.9%.

Richard, in Austin.

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