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Re: [IP] mama mia!!!

> I carry that much too....when I am going to
> be gone for SIX WEEKS!!!!  
It comes from a few transient years of bouncing between 
housing.  There are three types of things: Stuff I NEED 
(medicines, etc...), Stuff I SHOULD have (food, 
clothes, cash, paper, pen, etc...), and Stuff I'd LIKE 
to have (books, etc...).  Also during those years I was 
working up to three jobs at any given time, so stopping 
wherever my stuff was being kept wasn't always a 
possibility.  Just one of those habbits that sticks 
with ya.

> I admire your packing ability, and as they say
> YMMV...but this is so much overkill for ME, 
> personally.
Much like Silent Bob, I've been accused of striking a 
deal with lower powers when witnesses have gazed upon 
my seemingly bottomless carryall.  Moreover I've got 
shoulders of steel from schlepping it all.  My higest 
RECORDED bag weight came in at 53 pounds (three laptops 
and assorted brik-a-brak).  In the end it is not the 
result of satanic bartering, merely the sage teachings 
of my dear sweet step-grandmother-in-law (who could 
pack her shortbed pickup so tightly that the tailpipe 
ate gravel all the way to the landfill).

> I always have my meter, a roll of dex tabs and
> $1, and I never leave without checking to make 
> sure the vial actually has strips and not discarded
> lancets (did that ONCE and only ONCE)
I scared myself last week... Thought I had a vial of 
Regular in my emergency pack (not that I use regular 
anymore, but it's still included 'cause ya never know) 
and in diging through to grab my Nph vial from its 
bottle, discovered that the R bottle was suprisingly 
light... SUPRISE... no vial.... ooops...  Fortunately I 
didn't need it...

> (as in ONE) extra lancet....
Yeah but lancets are so small... no biggie in packing 
extra from my point of view...

> Like I said previously, I have a work kit with a
> couple of site changes, a couple of syringes, 
> a few bard wipes and alcohol pads, another whole 
> vial of profile strips, and whatever dribbles 
> are in my latest almost used bottle of Velosulin
Oh yes, forgot to mention... I have a cute little 
christmas tin (shaped like a miniature old fashioned 
milk canister btw) at work that contains another dozen 
syringes, 50 alcohol preps, a bottle of strips, and a 
whole messa lancets and pen tips.  I also have an extra 
vial of humalog, regular, and nph in the fridge at 
work, double/tripple/extra-super-temper-proof-sealed-
for-only-dire-emergencies not that I don't trust my 
coworkers to not contaminate my meds, but I have this 
phobia when it comes to putting stuff in my body that 
I'm not VERY sure about the origins and experiences of.

> SO I am in AWE Sara MG...Ya wanna travel Europe 
> with me sometime???
An extended trip... well... I might have to pack heavy 
for once... lets see... firgure one years worth of 
supplies per month of actual trip duration... I hope 
that'll be enough.... better pack extra.

> Sara SP
> (simple packer)
Sara EP
(extremely paranoid)

P.S. - Don't even get me STARTED on my home 
stockpiles... all I need is a bomb shelter and I could 
survive a nuclear winter... 

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