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[IP] Pumping 2 Years

    Marisa, age 10, is celebrating two years of pumping today.  She's healthy 
and happy and independent and hasn't had an injection for 2 years!  A pump is 
certainly not a "cure", but life is so much better for Marisa now.  When I 
think back to the struggle we had as we tried to get her endo to let her 
begin pumping, I know that every bit of the hassle was worth it.  Many thanks 
to Ellen U who helped me stand up against those objections, Betsy S who made 
me realize it was possible, and Marisa's fantastic pump trainer who helped us 
so much.  And lastly, thanks to my husband (a physician) who signed orders 
for the go ahead to begin pumping when her endo wouldn't return our calls.  
Her pump trainer and I convinced him it was the way to go, he trusted us, and 
now is a believer for sure! The information we have gleaned from IP has been 
so  valuable, and I thank all of you, too. 

Connie (Mom of 4 teens and Marisa, 10, dxed at age 5, pumping since June 9, 
In a "thankful" mood tonight as I look back on the last 2 years!

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