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[IP] mama mia!!!

Sara M. G wrote
>  I'm the type who likes to be prepared for the apocylpse
>  *) OneTouch Profile meter, vial of strips, lancing device 
> with three extra lancets, dozen alcohol preps. 
>  *) NovoPen 1.5 and three pen tips 
>  *) OneTouch II meter with a vial of strips, unopened 
>  vials of NPH, and Regular, unopened cartridge of Humalog,
>  six syringes,  two dozen alcohol preps, four extra pen tips, 
> a dozen extra lancets, six 5g glucose tabs, and a penlet II 
>  *) A RedBull (28g-CHO) -- enough to bring me up 40-60 

I carry that much too....when I am going ot be gone for SIX WEEKS!!!!  I 
admire your packing ability, and as they say YMMV...but this is so much 
overkill for ME , personally.  I always have my meter, a roll of dex tabs and 
$1, and I never leave without checking to make sure the vial actually has 
strips and not discarded lancets (did that ONCE and only ONCE), and an (as in 
ONE) extra lancet....Like I said previously, I have a work kit with a couple 
of site changes, a couple of syringes, a few bard wipes and alcohol pads, 
another whole vial of profile strips, and whatever dribbles are in my latest 
almost used bottle of Velosulin

If I have a trauma at work, I usually will just walk home and fix it...If I 
have a trauma while I am out carousing...I will just hop in a cab and go home 
and fix it...

The ONLY time I have been caught was when I got put in the hospital for 
stomach problems...I had walked in myself...not thinking I'd be there a 
week...with a 50 count jar of dex tabs and a vial of strips, but a 1/2 full 
reservoir...I was admitted at 3 in the morning...after chomping on dex tabs 
all day and testing every hour...fortunately for me, my roommate brought me 
everything I needed the next day.  When I took myself to the hospital the 
NEXT week in Chicago...I brought all my stuff with me, as well as my 
pajamas,, cuz I KNEW I wasn't leaving til they took whatever Alien was 
residing in my stomach out...(it was my appendix...)

oSO I am in AWE Sara MG...Ya wanna travel Europe with me sometime???

Sara SP
(simple packer)
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