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Re: [IP] ok i need some advice

> I hate the bottle- it takes up so much 
> space. Would it be okay if I carried the 
> strips out of the bottle, or should I put 
> it in something? What do you guys do about 
> that? Any suggestions or ideas appreciated!! ;)
> Have a great weekend!
Lifescan says "don't".  Seems that results supposedly 
get skewed by contamination (both particulate and 
moisture).  However, they *DO* sell individually 
wrapped strips that are a lot easier to carry.

For myself, I've always got a large bag with me.  95% 
of the time a backpack, but occasionally an oversized 
purse (I'm the type who likes to be prepared for the 

In whatever bad I carry:  

*) OneTouch Profile meter with a vial of strips, and an 
adjustable length lancing device with three extra 
lancets and a dozen alcohol preps. Contained in that 
small black zipper pouch that comes with the profile.

*) NovoPen 1.5 and three pen tips in the novopen 
carrier case.

*) OneTouch II meter with a vial of strips, unopened 
vials of NPH, and Regular (in the one touch strip 
bottles to protect from light and shock... a perfect 
fit), an unopened cartridge of Humalog,  six syringes, 
two dozen alcohol preps, four extra pen tips, a dozen 
extra lancets, six 5g glucose tabs, and a penlet II 
lancing device.  This contained in a small dual 
compartment zipper bag that's only slightly bigger than 
the profile's case (one I've had for ten years -- 
originally belonged to a cable tester)

*) A RedBull (28g-CHO) -- enough to bring me up 40-60 
mg/dl -- fixed to the outside of my bag in a drink 
holder net.

Sometimes I'll forget to refill the pen tips in the 
novopen case, or I'll forget to put my meter back into 
my sack, so the emergency case (which rarely gets 
opened or removed from my sack has come in handy many a 

-Sara G.

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