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[IP] advice

Phil wrote:
> mention it to my endo and he said 
> it would just be an added variable in an already difficult equation.

yes it does, but there are already so many other variables that not one 
single day is the same as another...is the site bad, are you sick, is the 
insulin no good, is the tubing clogged, is the catheter bent, did you have 
hidden fat, was that a real coke, were there 18 raisins in that bagel or 15, 
are you exercising, did you exercise too much, are you stressed, are you 
rebounding....how is your liver function and hypo awareness, today???...ad 

> bottles of Regular sitting in the fridge going to waste 

donate them to those kids in Russia

> I want to try mixing because I need a longer lasting bolus.
>  I've tried the squaresbut I'm convinced that using a longer 
> acting insulin in supplement to Humalog 

hmmm not too sure about this...most people on the list mix cuz they think it 
makes their sites last longer, not their boluses.  I just do the rough guess 
mix knowing it adds a variable, but willing to take that one on cuz it Adds a 
zingy little KICK  to my velosulin.  I *personally* recommend using a TEMP 
basal, as opposed to the square, because if you find it isn't working fast 
enough you can give another bolus...with a square wave, you have to STOP the 
square before you can give another bolus and this seems like a waste of 
action to me...For example when i eat ice cream, I bolus 2-4 units depending 
on quantity i eat and beginning bg, then I program in a temp basal of about 
1.8 - 2.0 units per hour for the next few hours, depending on fat content.  
If a couple hours later I check and I am riding a little high, I can do a 
slight bolus ot supplement the temp basal...

> when I decide to give it a shot I'll write you for advice.  

Pun intended I am sure (shot??)  But I don't give advice...I can just tell 
you what works or doesnt work for me.  I am not a medical professional, much 
to my mama's sadness, nor do I play one on TV

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