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Re: [IP] Velosulin Humulog mixture

How can you say 'V doesn't generally extend the
life of sites in most pumpers' when you were the
only participant in your 'experimental study' ?
Perhaps you should find out how many pumpers tried
V and didn't benefit from it versus how many tried V
and did benefit.  We've heard from many pumpers who
have proven to themselves that Velosulin is in fact a great
benefit, but you are the only one I know of who has tried
V and not benefitted from it.  I'm sure there are others,
but it sure looks to me that the majority of pumpers who
try mixing with V choose to continue doing so.
Wayne said:
<<Just for the record, it should be noted that V doesn't generally extend the
life of sites in most pumpers.  So don't expect miracles for most.   About
2 summers ago I sent an experimental study to this list (which is in the
archives) where I carfefully compared the duration of sites over 3 months
with either pure H or a 5:1 H/V mix.  There was no difference in the length
of time a site would last with me.>>
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