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Re: [IP] newbie site questions

Roselea wrote:

>Changing before bed is a no-no, since you're asleep
>and wouldn't have any idea how the site was until it
>might be too late.

Well, considering I'm getting up 3 times a night to test, I figured I'd
catch it in time.  Getting up at 12 and 3 has been wearing me out, so now
I'm going to bed early and having my husband wake me up a third time when
he goes to bed..  But I don't think I'd usually do it at night, its just
that I was going to be out the whole next day and I didn't want to poof!
have a site go bad if I went over 3 days since I have no idea how long they
would last for me.

Thanks for the replies so far everyone, keep them coming.


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