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Re: [IP] Velosulin Humulog mixture

> Ok... after reading all this about mixing Velosulin and everyone's
> reasons and explanations for how to do it, whether it does or
> doesn't work etc... I still have one question before I decide to try
> it....  Should I expect my insulin to have a changed peak and tail? 

With 5/1, the change is not very noticeable -- the onset is pretty 
close to straight H, and the tail is not particularly noticeable 
UNLESS you over bolus. For a person without gastro problems, it 
probably is even closer to the median digestion curve for most foods. 
If you have gastro problems, you can take advantage of mixing to 
tailor the response to your median digestion cycle.

Before doing any mixing, verify that it will help first. See previous 
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