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RE: [IP] newbie site questions

Ah but for me quickly could be only 3 hours.  Humalog peaks from me between
1hr and 1.5hr.  Food also is digested quickly.  I am almost always near
dehydration due to some other meds I am on.  I drink constantly and still
have a hard time keeping up.  As for keytones, they often come with the high
bgs and dehydration.  So when the food peaks at 1-2hours and no insulin is
on board..wham!  Makes it easy for me to remember to take my insulin at meal
time.  :)  But you are right Michael, as a rule DKA is unlikely to happen
that quickly.

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DKA requires three things to happen at the same time

1) high bg's
2) keytones
3) dehydration

"Quickly", above => many hours
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