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Re: [IP] Velosulin Humulog mixture

Ok... after reading all this about mixing Velosulin and everyone's reasons 
and explanations for how to do it, whether it does or doesn't work etc... I 
still have one question before I decide to try it....  Should I expect my 
insulin to have a changed peak and tail?  I love my pump because I can 
correct so quickly and can deal with problems almost right away so if this 
will change this aspect of pumping.. i don't know that I wanna try it.  
BUT... For the last month (maybe more?) my sites almost always get those pump 
bumps (though mine aren't very big.. but I can feel them) where I didn't get 
them at all during the first month or so... The sites start feeling like a 
bump is forming (slightly sensitive to the push) after about 24 hours...  I 
think I'm generally pretty lucky with my sites but if I can make them as 
comfy as they were when I started I'd be thrilled.  Anyone have any thoughts 
on the peak factor of mixing?


Pumping 3 months!

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