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RE: [IP] newbie site questions

> >I have been told to only change sites before a meal
> Funny that we are all told something completely different.  I was
> told to never change it before a meal because if it wasn't working I
> could go into DKA very quickly.  I change usually when I get up in
> the morning and I wait 2 hours before breakfast if I eat it at all. 
> Never have had a bad one yet, knock on wood.

DKA requires three things to happen at the same time

1) high bg's
2) keytones
3) dehydration

"Quickly", above => many hours

Basically you have two choices.
1) change before a meal and check 2-3 hours post prandial. If you 
have a bad site you will know instantly because of the elevated bg's 
and can immediately take corrective action such as an injection and 
set change.
2) change after a meal. ???? hours later you might find out that the 
tiny- itsy - bitsy basal rate is not going in, but this effect is 
masked by the pizza you just ate. You certainly won't get as high as 
fast, but it will take longer to figure out there is a problem rather 
than a couple of hours.

You decide what works better for you.
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