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RE: [IP] Re:The best glucometer

> > I know some people on this list have complained
> > of unreliable results with them [OneTouch Meters] 
> > but my experience has been that with an adequate
> > amount of blood on the strip, they work just fine.
> >
I think the complaint is that you get a message that the meter is 
not happy with the sample -- this is GOOD. Other meters happily give 
you a number that is way off and no warning that the result is bogus. 
A least with the One Touch, you get an error message or calibration 
message which is basically the same thing. The end result is that 
when you do get a reading, you can trust that it is correct. This is 
not so much a feature of fine design as it is the particular strip 
technology that is being used. One Touch meters that use the same 
strip technology as other meters reportedly don't fare any better.

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