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RE: [IP] newbie site questions

> I'm a newbie, just pumping since Monday, and I've got some questions
> on "sites going bad."
> Many people have talked about how long their sites last, how do you
> tell?

The true indicator is that blood sugars rise and stubornly stay high 
in spite of repeated boluses to bring them down. You bolus, bg's 
start to come down and either remain high or slowly go back up again. 
Not just a little, but to 200 or more. Changing a set stabalizes 
everything and bg's return to normal.

If both the above occur repeatedly after 36 to 48 hours or at a 
particular interval for you, then you suffer from site degradation. 
The situation should be fairly repeatable. Basically fine the first 
day and maybe part or all of the second day. After that bg's start to 
rise. You must be able to identify a reliable pattern to make this 
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