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Re: [IP] Velosulin Humulog mixture

Just for the record, it should be noted that V doesn't generally extend the
life of sites in most pumpers.  So don't expect miracles for most.   About
2 summers ago I sent an experimental study to this list (which is in the
archives) where I carfefully compared the duration of sites over 3 months
with either pure H or a 5:1 H/V mix.  There was no difference in the length
of time a site would last with me.  To see if the mix ratio were a factor,
last summer I tried using pure V for a month, but my sites still only go
about 4 days.  Sometimes they seem to last longer ( record is 8 with H),
but I more or less routinely change them at 4 days.
   Clearly some on our list find (or at least think they find) that V does
something to make sites longer.  If you are one then you should surely use
the mix.  Its ymmv in this business  as we all know, and the placebo effect
has very well documented medical effects.  If you think it works then go
for it!

<< In the interest of keeping a site longer than 3 days what do you suggest
 mixing Velosulin and Humulog. I have a basal of 1.4 u/hr of Humulog  Every
 endo I asked never heard of this but it's obviously a good method. AB
>>>>>>>>>>>For the last two weeks I've been using straight H, but
previously had mixed V
and H. It does make the sites last longer, I had no problems with mixed
insulin making the sites last 4 and 5 days.  Now that I'm using straight H,
my sites are going only 3 days, but I feel that my control is more precise,
even that small amount of V would come back and bite me sometimes a few hours
after bolus. Tried to push my last one to 4 just to see if I could, and today
I have a small infection where the site was, yes I'm taking good care of it.
Best wishes,Jeanie>>>>>>>>>>>>

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