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Re: [IP] newbie site questions

Jackie wrote:

<<so I changed
it Wednesday night before I went to bed and since everything still seemed
ok on Thurs morning I thought it was ok.>>

I have been told to only change sites before a meal, so you can bolus to see
if the site works ok.  Changing before bed is a no-no, since you're asleep
and wouldn't have any idea how the site was until it might be too late.  I
always change before a meal (doesn't matter which one) and I'm assured when
I check my bg after and it's in a good range.  If a site goes bad, I believe
your bg would rise rapidly and you would begin to show keytones quickly, at
least that's what I have been told.  I've only been pumping 4 weeks on
Monday and have had no problems with sites.  Just don't put the new too
close to the old and try to move them around, just like with shots.  I use
the Tenders and like them real well, Disetonic has some new sets coming out
in August, not sure which pump you're using, but I plan to try the new
UltraFlexes.  Good luck pumping, it's taken me 4 weeks to get my bgs
reasonably straightened out, but we're still adjusting basals.

RoseLea and Max... living life to the max!

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