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Re: [IP] premixing cartridges/degradation

> Disetronic tech support told me to keep preloaded cartridges only for one
> week.  Thought that was a little strange, they should keep in the fridge
> longer than that, shouldn't they?

At our house, we do it the way Ruth does - my husband & I sit down & fill
eight or ten cartridges at once, then they "stand at attention" in a little
round tupperware container in the butterdish compartment in the fridge until
needed.  Since I generally use about 1 a week, we only need to do this every
few months...no degradation has occurred here!  (Yes, my fingers are crossed
as I say that...which makes typing JUST a little complicated!  :)  )

"Fill the cartridges night" has become something kind of fun for us.
Instead of having to pull out the materials & do just one or two, on a
weekly basis, we turn it into an event all it's own.  We get out the
supplies, put on some romantic music, sit down on the couch & relax, naking
it quality time spent together.  Hey, if my idea of romance is a little
skewed...well, I'm happy, so don't knock it!  :)


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