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Re: [IP] Re: liver glucagon dump and walking

> I have the same problem as you, no matter what time of day I walk.  A few
> nights ago, I walked in the evening, about 2-3 hours after dinner. I
> started at 187, walked for 1/2 hour or so, and was 94 when I got home
> (almost 100 pt. drop!) This morning, I went for a walk with my best friend
> before breakfast. (we're using the buddy system to get more exercise). I
> started at 126, I set a temporary basal rate for about 1/2 of what I
> normally use, and set off. About 20 minutes into the walk, I started
> feeling "that feeling," I was lagging behind my friend, and so I tested --
> 46! (80 pt. drop) I'm going to try again tomorrow, but this time, I'll eat
> a ~20 carb snack first (no bolus) and see what happens. I'll count it as
> part of my breakfast so I won't actually be adding more carbs to my diet.

A possible suggestion for walkers who experience the "glucagon dump
syndrome" -
When I was on MDI I was very prone to lows in the middle of the night (yeah,
most of us know how that goes!), & we tried any number of things to combat
it.  What finally worked for me was NiteBite snack bars...the ones with the
very slow release that happens over time.  I've seen similar products also,
that go by different names but essentially do the same thing, advertized in
Diabetes Forecast & Diabetes Self-Management.  Anyway, I found them to be
very successful as far as putting a halt to the nighttime lows, & they
didn't cause me to wake up high.  Since my husband & I have started walking
in the mornings, I've noticed that my liver seems to be working overtime, so
I'm now using a NiteBite bar as a prewalk snack...so far, so good, but I'll
let you know when enough results are in to gauge it as a true success.
(Here's hoping!)  I don't know how they'd do for anyone else, but they seem
to be working here!


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