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[IP] newbie site questions

I'm a newbie, just pumping since Monday, and I've got some questions on
"sites going bad."

Many people have talked about how long their sites last, how do you tell?
I've heard infection mentioned, also higher numbers.  Since I am still
working out my basal rates, I can't rely on seeing any indication yet from
the BG readings.  Is it a big difference that you would always notice, or
is it more subtle?

Also, if you put in a new site, and it is going to be bad, would you notice
this right away in an hour or two?  I put my first site in Monday morning
and was going to change it Thursday morning, but I was going to be at a
work offsite meeting (ok, a whale watch :-) for the whole day so I changed
it Wednesday night before I went to bed and since everything still seemed
ok on Thurs morning I thought it was ok.

I thought I read a while ago about people leaving the old site in for a
little while, can someone refresh my memory on this, I couldn't find it on
my quick search through the archives.  When I put the new one in on
Wednesday night, I waited until Thursday morning when I took my shower to
take the old one off to wash the gunk off.  It wasn't as sticky as I
expected though.  I'm using tenders/sils.

Thanks everyone,

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