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[IP] New Blood Monitoring system

I attended a support group meeting at the Diatetes Center in Phoenix and they had the representative from Therasense Co., which did a demo of their new glucose monitoring system.  You can go to the Web Site and view the demo there it you like.  The address is http://www.therasense.com .  The system features a method to get a sample from the forearm or finger.  This allows your fingers to rest when necessary.  It was interesting in that it does not use a sucking method like the other non finger sampling meter on the market.  The big advance here may be the lancing device.  I was lucky enough to win the one meter that was given away at the meeting, however they won't be ojn the market until June 30th so I can't report to you the results of prolonged use of this device until later.  Check it out, it is marketed under the name of FreeStyle.

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