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Re: [IP] Re:The best glucometer

On 8 Jun 00, at 14:45, Ruth Schneider wrote:

> on a peds patient just recently.  she uses a fastake meter.  turns out
> that she was getting false readings with fastake and was going 'low'.  she
> would treat.  then she would be  high later.  so they did comparison
> readings between the fastake and the gluco sensor and found discrepancies
> every time. her Ha1C's were coming out higher than should be ....
> food for thought.

"False readings" meaning that it read High when she was actually 
Low is what you appear to be saying.  The FastTake is a serum 
meter so it would read normally higher.  But then you said her 
A1cs were coming out higher and that does not necessarily 
correlate to the earlier statement.

All meters are capable of producing unreliable readings when not 
used properly or used with inconsistent methods.  All meters will 
show "discrepancies" when compared side to side.  It is the way 
that we correlate our meter readings to our goals that is important.

> > I have two FastTake meters and I love them. 

I use my two FastTakes but have a Profile, an Elite, a Dex and a 
Precision Xtra that only get used occasionally. 


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