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[IP] possibility for ketones?

Ok, my bg haave been better today..thank God! and my
projects are over!!!!!Thanks EVERYONE for the
suggestions, i switched my site to my abdomen last
night and I opened a new bottle of H. I still have to
reorder I guess tomorrow more sets, I think I will try
the micros. (I'm assuming the major crises I've had in
teh past with them were from inexperience..if anyone
has criticism of micros PLEASE share with me)
 Even though the bg are better, ketones have been
around> not nonstop, like moderate this am and again
this afternooon. then I went to the gym (my gosh! why
didn't I join sooner, I LOVE it!), my bg was 154 30
mins b4 I went to the gym, I set a temp basal of 0.5
for 30 mins and then 0.0 for one hour (down from 0.7
alla fternoon). I was actually EXCITED...I got home
and was 51!!!! Not good, but I actually had a low,
which I haven't been under 100 in over a week. The
only prob with this is driving...lately my friend
insists on driving, today I told her that actually
makes it easier for me...a. I dont' fight my twin for
the car after school, and b. if i go low working out,
it doesn't matter b/c I'm not driving. Also, I don't
know how others do the gym, but no one there knows
about D. The forms mentioned no where medical
problems. I usually go with my friend who does know
all about diabetes though.
 My diet the past 3 weeks has been "good"...it has
been I'll admit crappy the past few months...from
eating too much junk, to eating too much salad. I've
finally gotten to where I can handle eating breakfast
at 6am. And lunch, I eat half the time (I have lunch
at 10:30am which is too early IMHO). So I'd say on
average, 3 meals a day, and more often than not, an
evening snack....probably 180g cho or so total a 
day...which should be enough. I'm thinking maybe
working out makes muscle and the mroe muscle you have
means you need more food and maybe that's the
 Just an idea:-)

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