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[IP] glucophage and dawn phenom...:(

Hi folks..
I have this bizarre dawn phenom.. and quite frankly I am sick and tired of 
it!!!! I can go to bed at midnight with a blood sugar of 90 and wake up at 
5am at 180-220... mind you I had nothing to eat since dinner and we don't eat 
alot of fat around here... so my doc put me on glucophage.. it's off label 
but I thought i'd try anything at this point.. so I take it at dinnertime and 
pow.. no change in the 6am thing.. now, my evening and midnight bs are 
great.. 90's all the time.. I've already fooled with the basals.. all the way 
down at 3am thinking the liver is freaking out and pumping me full of stored 
glucose and turning the basal up to 2.0 at 3am to try to lower the 5-6am 
thing.. anyone out there have this problem.. i need suggestions..  btw, I'm 
taking the glucophage tonight at bedtime instead of dinner just to see what 
dx 88, pumping since 4/00
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