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Re: [IP] retina,insulin amounts and intro

In a message dated 6/7/00 11:40:25 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  if there is anyone out there who had "reversed" their retinopathy >>

Well, I am legally driving (though I don't drive at night because of poor 
night vision since the lasers -- but my vision is sufficient so that my 
license is not restricted) after a period in the early 80s when I had 
difficulty seeing to even walk safely sometimes.  Things are not perfect, but 
day-to-day living is sure a lot easier and more fun.  Lasers certainly 
contributed to the improvement in my right eye (particularly when they were 
used to cut off bleeders), but the macular edema in my left eye improved on 
its own to the extent that new doctors see no evidence of it (though lines 
are still not quite straight from my vantage point).  My retinal specialist 
told me at the time that the chances of this improvement happening without 
treatment was in the neighborhood of 20%, and we both attribute it to the 
better control that was becoming possible for me in those years with the 
advent of home blood glucose monitoring and the encouragement it provided to 
do multiple daily injections.  Since pumping, he has at each exam remarked on 
how good my eyes look for someone on insulin over 45 years.

Linda Z
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