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Re: [IP] Velosulin Humulog mixture

In a message dated 06/05/2000 5:09:31 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< In the interest of keeping a site longer than 3 days what do you suggest 
 mixing Velosulin and Humulog. I have a basal of 1.4 u/hr of Humulog  Every
 endo I asked never heard of this but it's obviously a good method. AB
For the last two weeks I've been using straight H, but previously had mixed V 
and H. It does make the sites last longer, I had no problems with mixed 
insulin making the sites last 4 and 5 days.  Now that I'm using straight H, 
my sites are going only 3 days, but I feel that my control is more precise, 
even that small amount of V would come back and bite me sometimes a few hours 
after bolus. Tried to push my last one to 4 just to see if I could, and today 
I have a small infection where the site was, yes I'm taking good care of it.

As far as ratio I was using 5 to 1, Humalog to Velosulin.  Drew up 40 unit of 
V first, then 200 units of Humalog.

Best wishes,
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