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Re: [IP] Korean Pump Compamy

Lena V wrote:
> I remember reading somewhere that in asia this pump was used for people 
> with type 2 diabetes. I would assume that they will have to tune the pump to 
> be able to deliver inulin in smaller basal increments as a type 2 on insulin
> often needs a lot more than a type 1 due to their insulin resistance. I'm
> sure there may be other changes too that relate to the usage of the pump.

Interestingly enough, Minimed is also apparently working on a pump aimed
at Type 2's -- I heard that it will have only one basal rate, and be

Strikes me as VERY weird, because I can't imagine having good control
with only one basal rate, and I can't understand why anyone would want
to throw the whole thing AWAY! 
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