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[IP] Re: high am blood sugars

I'm having trouble in the last week or two with waking up around 200-
250. I've started taking a long walk (40 minutes) at night, around 
6:30, then coming home and making dinner.I have been low from the 
walk at night, at times quite low, and I'm trying to adjust the basal for 
the walk. Last night I got home from work, tested at 83, drank 4 oz 
o.j., suspended the pump and walked. When I got home I was 29! 
Then I had dinner and checked before bed--116. Woke up at 226. 
Same thing has been going on for about ten days (though I've been 
more like 55 than 29 after the walk). So I increased my 3 am to 9 am 
basal from .5 to .7 yesterday, but as you can see, still woke up high. 
Is my liver possibly releasing more glucagon from the walk, and it 
doesn't hit me till middle of the night? Other ideas? I'm thinking of 
doing checks at 1 am, 3 am and 5 am Friday night to get a better idea 
of what's going on, but this is really frustrating. Any help greatly 

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