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[IP] Re: heat and insulin


I work outside a lot, in the humid Southeast, and was quite worried 
about this too. I use Humalog, and have found that if I keep the pump 
covered by my t-shirt, and the tubing tucked away, I have no 
problems with heat hurting the insulin. The worst heat I endured was 
about 104 degrees--the pavement was actually melting. And I was 
shoveling in this, so I was quite hot. No problems with the insulin. 
What I have found is that sweating makes my tape loose, and this can 
cause my set to come out--thus causing high blood sugars. This may 
have happened to your wife. To combat this, I use IV Prep and two 
layers of tape. Haven't had a problem since. 

BTW, when I got the pump I mentioned to MiniMed that I worked 
outside and brought up this issue. They weren't too helpful. They said 
the pump had been tested at extreme temps (but not as extreme as 
above), and it 'should be fine'. Others have used a fanny pack with a 
frozen ice pack in it, and put the pump in there when they are outside. 
I guess they put most of the tubing in there too, I don't know.

Remember, though, YMMV.

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