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[IP] RE:How Much is Too Much?


John wrote : The formula that is sometimes used is 0.1 unit for every pound
of body weight (0.22 / kg) to establish the basal dose. Along with
mentioning that this is rough.

Also someone mentioned here that they were worried their basal/bolus ration
wasn't 50:50.  Now I always thought you should take whatever you need to
get by, but my CDE out of nowhere Tuesday was chiding me for not have that.

So in my situation following the formula that John mentioned (which is
documented in many books ie John didn't make it up)  :) :

165 lbs x 0.1 = 16.5    (formula)
       actual = 13.6    (just upped from 12.7)

so that formula has me a little on the low side. 

Ok then with this 50:50 ratio (bogus for me), with my 1:10 carb ratio, I
would have a daily total of 27.2?
Geez, ok reality is between 38-48 averaging around 44.

Then Pumping Insulin says (a few pages I will fax to the CDE) that you
calculate based on a few factors:
	First ideal body weight :  140
	then multiply that by activity level: 12.5 for female couch potato
(i think book not currently in front of me)
         1750 cals a day to maintain 140 at that activity level
	  1750/2   (assuming 50% of diet is carbs)
	   875/4  (divide by 4 to get g of carb, 4cal/1carbg)
	  218.8g of carb

	So with my 1:10 that would be about 22u + basal 13.6 = 35.6u which
is still a few units below my average, but then again I don't currently
weight 140. :)

Just remember every one is different, so in your case you may be taking too
much or you may be just right!  :)

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