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[IP] Gastroparesis

When information comes up on this site that you are not yet involved in you
don't pay a ton of attention to it.  Now I need to know all that everyone
s about gastro paresis.  I am healing from breast cancer and have incredible
problems with my stomach and after a stomach emptying test have been
as suffering from the above.  Any info would really be appreciated.
Gastroparesis is a paralysis of the stomach and often the intestines too.
Instead of your stomach automatically moving in response to eating it just
remains all quiet and doesn't digest the food. The food remains in your
stomach and whatever carbs you ate do not get absorbed immediately. More
accurately, the condition is not confined to the stomach alone but the
bowels too. It results from duabetic neuropathy to the nerves that subserve
movement of the stomach and intestines. You generally know about this when
you have no appetite, infrequent often hard stools and a general bad feeling
about eating. It makes the timing of boluses (boli) difficult because you
have to compensate for digestion delays. If you don't time em right you can
get unexpected highs and lows. Also it often leads to embarrassing belching
or passing gas often at life's worst moments. It can be treated with many
medications but needs a doc to oversee its handling. They often use Reglan,
Propulcid, Macrolide antibiotics such as erythromycin. Sometimes you get
uncontrolled diarrhea and cramping from the meds as well as the condition
which is probably better called diabetic enteropathy. You can compensate for
this by using the delayed bolus capability of the Minimed or Animas pumps.
There are also ways to do it with the Disatronic too. It's just another
experience in diabetes fun-land although if you are anorectic you might
welcome this complication. If you need more info see a gastroenterologist
who has experience with diabetics. They can give you an idea of how to set
your bolus delays based on your emptying test. You can e-mail me off list if
you have other questions. How long have you had diabetes, did you ever use
pork or beef insulin in the past? did this start after a switch to Human
recombinant DNA insulin. Just gathering some info for a graduate school
study I'm interested in. Hope this helps AB

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